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Saturday, March 27, 2010


under water.

to commemorate thirty wonderful years, we used lots of glass vases
and laminated pictures of the birthday girl.
we mixed the flower's types and colors and
created a festive palette of brightness and character.
submerged in water, the pictures become magnified
and add such a personal touch.

thrifty and special still.

that's what we like here at bloom.

looking forward to more events where we can incorporate similar arrangements!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

good 'ole masons.

this season, we're getting lots of requests for arrangements in mason jars. happily, we oblige, because we also agree that these lovely antiques make for a beautiful backdrop to most bouquets.

my grandmother had nearly a barn full when i was little, and now i find myself using them for all sorts of reasons: to hold my beloved button collection, paper clips and tacks... leftover candy conversation hearts and kids' reward incentives for a job well done.

here's a peek at part of our collection of blue ones- which are especially charming.

although not florally related- we must share this find we stumbled upon while searching out some of these jars. a wecolite cake decorating kit. we can't wait to put this baking classic to use!

Monday, March 15, 2010

the elegant ranunculus.

you are very attractive

the ranunculus derives its name from the latin word rana, meaning "frog"-hardly the picture these dainty blooms bring to mind. the name refers not to the flowers' appearance, but to the moist environments in which they typically grow. ranunculuses are members of the renunculaceae family, and are related to peonies & anemones. these flowers have gently bending stems covered with soft, fuzzy hairand sparse foliage.

availability and vase life:
february through june. 5-7 days.

oh, and did we mention?
this lovely bloom is absolutely one of our favorites!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

peaches 'n cream.

there's maybe nothing we love more than pretty vintage vases
(except for the flowers arranged within).

this one: milkglass goblet,
and it's recipient: much-deserving.